Q. What is the cost to cut an average lawn?
A. Our rates are VERY competitive and typically between $25 and $50 per mowing for an Chicago lawn care faqsaverage lot in Cook County. Please contact us today for a FREE no obligation estimate.
Also, don’t forget to check out the promotions page for our current seasonal deals!

Q. Does a healthy lawn provide added safety for my kids?
A. Yes! A healthy, luscious, green lawn, adds a substantial amount of padding, providing a
safe environment for children to play.

Q. Is your company insured?
A.Yes, we our FULLY insured. It is NOT a good idea to hire an uninsured person to care for your lawn. They can’t be held liable for damages.

Q. What benefits would I get from a well taken care of lawn?
A. A lawn that is properly cared for, not only provides a safer environment, but also understand that an average block of eight homes with healthy front lawns, provides the same cooling effect as 70 tons of air conditioning (23 air conditioners) cooling the area surrounding your home?

Q. Are You Licensed?
A.Yes, we are licensed in Cook County to operate as a Lawn Care/ Yard Maintenance Company.

Q. Are trimming and edging included in you base rate?
A. Yes the quote we provide to mow your lawn includes trimming and edging unless you specify otherwise.

Q. Can I request a service on a specific day?
A. Yes you can request service on a specific day and we will do our best to fit your service
visit in our route on the requested day. However, we cant guarantee service on that specific day will  be  available. We currently cut Monday – Friday.  As  you  are  probably  aware  weather in Illinois can change at a moments notice. If there is inclement weather your scheduled visit will  be delayed until the next cutting day when the weather has cleared up.

Q. Do you charge for estimates?
A. Estimates are always free.

Q. When will I be billed?
A. We invoice our lawn care customers at the end of the month for our lawn cutting services,
unless otherwise specified. Landscaping and all other services are invoiced on completion of
the project.’

Q. Are you reliable and trustworthy? I hired a service last year and they rarely showed up on time and stopped coming altogether half way through the season!
A. We offer our customers outstanding affordable service, top quality workmanship and
second to none dependability! We show up when promised and we get the job done on time.

Q. I planted a few small trees, the company I used last year kept hitting the bases of the trees with their weed trimmers as well as broke a few of my landscape lights.What would YOU do to avoid the same issues?
A. First of all, I like to suggest placing a small mulch bed around the base of any tree, and
especially small trees and saplings , as they have a long way to go before they are strong enough to withstand any abuse. However, even a large, well established tree is subjected to harsh weathering and insect damages due to that sort of treatment. We remove any solar lights, benches, chairs, etc. before we trim or mow such areas.

Q. Is there anything we should do to prepare our yard for lawn mowing?
A. Yes, we ask that childrens toys and pet waste are picked up from the mowing area. We also
request that children and pets be kept inside while we are visiting your property. If you need a
quote to pick up the pet waste let us know.

Q. Do I have to sign a season long contract or service agreement?
A. No contracts are necessary, we mow week to week. We find most customers don’t like the
idea of signing a season long contract so we don’t require them. The only exception would be
commercial properties.

Q. Do you offer discounts, I am on a fixed income?
A. We offer discounts for senior citizens and referrals. Word of mouth is our best advertising!