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With all of the junk and things I cannot pronounce in most commercial skincare products, I tried to buy natural skin care products last year. I noticed that most natural skin care products were not only expensive but also contained questionable ingredients.

So, I decided last year to figure out how to make our own homemade skincare products from natural ingredients. The first thing I tackled was how to make homemade deodorant. I wanted to figure out a recipe for the best natural deodorant possible.

My first attempt went well. However, when I tried to re-create it, it just did not have the right texture. So I kept changing things and trying again. I have now been able to get consistent texture and good results.

Main Types of Deodorants

There are three main types of homemade deodorants out there. One type is a simple mix of baking soda and cornstarch that you apply as a powder. This first method is very effective at keeping you dry.

A second type takes the baking soda and cornstarch powder and adds oils to it such as coconut oil and essential oils. This second type is more of a white chalky texture. You can squish it into your deodorant dispenser. However, these tend to be crumbly if you apply them with too much pressure. In my early morning stupor, I found I regularly applied it with too much pressure and it wound as a heap of crumbles on my floor. Squishing it into a dispenser did not work for me.

Lastly, there is lotion deodorant that has a conditioning creamy texture that softens and nourishes your skin as well as being good at deodorizing and keeping you dry. This is the type of deodorant that I will discuss here. It is one of the best natural deodorant, especially if you follow it with natural deodorant powder. Here are the steps I follow to make homemade deodorant.

Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

Here are the ingredients: Raw organic virgin coconut oil –
This not only gives the deodorant a nice texture, but also is nourishing mixing-deodorant-ingedientsand conditioning to your skin

Cocoa butter –

I tried other types of coco butter (cheaper), but I always found that the texture of the deodorant just was not right. So, stick with the organic cocoa butter from Mountain Rose Herbs


The least processed the beeswax the better. Some people sell beeswax in little balls which makes it easy to measure as volume. However, when I tried it in my recipes, I found the wax has a different texture. I wonder if it was because it was over-processed. I prefer getting a one pound block from the local honey farmer. This kind has been subjected to minimal processing and seems to work great. Plus it only costs about $10 a pound. If you do not have a local honey farmer, try the filtered beeswax at Mountain Rose.

Cornstarch or arrowroot –

This is used to absorb moisture and give you a dry feeling all day.

Baking soda –

This acts to kill the bacteria that cause odor. Body odor is not generally caused by sweat, but by sweat eating bacteria excreting smelly waste. Some people find baking soda to be hard on their skin. If you find it irritating, simply reduce the amount of baking soda in the deodorant.

Lavender essential oil –

This is a wonderful anti-bacterial agent that kills odor causing bacteria and makes the deodorant smell nice. If you are making the deodorant for a man, you may want to replace the lavender essential oil with spruce essential oil.

Kitchen Scale-

I use to prefer measurements in volume. Then, I got my little kitchen scale ($25) and now I am converted! I love using the kitchen scale because it gets the amounts right each time. Hard oils and waxes are difficult to accurately measure by volume since they are in odd shapes. Plus, I can measure everything right in the pot I am using to cook it. So a lot less cleanup.

Deodorant Stick Containers-

I bought a bunch of deodorant sticks for nearly free on one of my guerrilla coupon deals. But of course I had no intention of actually using the deodorant! I rolled the old deodorant sticks up to the top and threw away the old deodorant. Clean off the little plastic base of it and return it to the container. Now it is ready for some homemade deodorant that will nourish your skin.

Pint Size Mason Jar and Plastic Knife-

You will need a pint sized mason jar that you will devote to deodorant making from now on. Getting the oils off the jar completely is nearly impossible. So just devote that jar to deodorant making. You will also need a plastic knife for stirring it up. Keep this knife with the jar and use both only for making homemade deodorant.

Step 2: Measure and Melt the Oils

Place your pint sized jar on your kitchen scale and tare weight it to zero (so it does not consider the weight of the jar). Now add the following weights of oils: Put the jar filled with the oils and wax into a water bath on your stove. Place a mason jar lid resting on top. There is no need to screw it on. Warm the water in the bath to a low simmer. Let the oils melt. (Devote this jar to this purpose.)

Step 3: Mix In the Rest Of The Ingredients

Once all of the oils are melted, use your plastic knife to add in the rest of the ingredients below:

Ingredient Amounts by Volume

Baking Soda = 3 Tablespoons
Cornstarch or Arrowroot = 3 Tablespoons
Lavender or Spruce Essential Oil = 1/2 teaspoon

Step 4: The First Pour

Pour the mixture into your deodorant containers and let it rest. Be sure to save a bit of the mixture in your mason jar to top off your deodorant containers. With time, you will notice that it will create an air bubble as if it burped. This is normal. Rewarm the remainder of the mixture in your water bath until just liquid again. Pour it into the hole created by the burp and smooth it over. Let it cool and harden overnight or 12 hours. It will continue to harden and will reach its final texture after about 48 to 72 hours. Once you apply the lotion deodorant, you can also apply a little powder deodorant right on top of it if it feels too oily for you.
That is it! You have now made homemade deodorant that will not only be effective to keep you dry (cornstarch / arrowroot) and odor free (baking soda and lavender essential oil), but also nourishing to your skin (coconut oil, cocoa butter and beeswax). Moreover, you know what each ingredient is!

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