Organic Pest Control

Chemical pesticides are toxic to humans, especially the young ones, and all living beings alike including insects and plants and also the environment. Hence organic garden pest control plan must avoid using such pest control methods. Further, organic garden pest controllers use non-toxic landscape-pestsnatural methods of deterring or removing insects. Common Garden Pests

Pest control methods vary depending on the type of pests. You need to have a fair knowledge of common garden pests. Visit common garden pests and how to control them page to learn more.

Popular Organic Garden Pest Control

Insect Repellents

Soap is a commonly used substance for organic garden pest control. Adding few drops of dish soap to a cup of water will make an effective pest control liquid, but you also could purchase organic soap insect repellents from a store that sells such products. Soap works well on aphides and spider mites, by spraying the organic garden pest control well over the insect-infected plants, covering the leaves, stems and followers completely, may solve our problem. Anyhow, be careful not to use too much soap or the wrong type of soap, such as dish soaps with tricolsan, which is an antibacterial variety, which would damage the leaves of the plant.

Insect Picking

Well, the best and the most common organic garden pest control, when it comes to larger insects, is picking them off of the plants. These bugs are usually most active in the morning or evening and that is the time you should go out to your garden to carry out this task. Remember to wear gloves if you are squeamish, and if you wish to permanently remove those bugs from Planet Earth, drop them into a coffee can full of soapy water.

Companion Planting

There are plants that naturally repel insects. Onions, garlic and marigold are a few of them. You can plant such insect repellent plants among your other plants as a form of organic garden pest control. Beneficial Insects
There are also insects that eats the other insects but do not eat your plants. They are indeed a great organic garden pest control. Such insects commonly used to control garden insects are ladybugs and praying mantis. You can purchase either live insects or egg sacs at most home and garden stores. Simply release them into your garden and they will take care of your pest problems and solve it by themselves.


Another effective organic garden pest control method is making physical barriers. Cut top and bottom out of coffee cans and push them to the soil around the plants when they are young and tender. This would keep cutworm away from them. Sprinkling diatomaceous earth around plants keeps slugs away. Fine netting can prevent invasions by grasshoppers. These are only few physical barriers you can use as organic garden pest control methods.

You have to be tactful and creative in controlling pests when you are an organic gardener. In the first place you can’t just go out and indiscriminately spray everything with a toxin. You must choose organic garden pest control methods that are specific to your plants and the insects you are trying to control.

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